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Combined solid fuel boiler 15-110 kW

LAFAT steel hot water boilers are intended for heating residential and commercial buildings as well as large production facilities, either as a primary or alternative heat source. They are basically designed for solid fuel combustion, but also for fuel oil and pellet combustion (with the simple addition of burners and automatics), in the 90/60 ° C temperature regime. The combustion and covective parts of the boiler are made of high quality sheet metal with a thickness of 5 mm and are combined with modern cutting and welding technology, which provides high reliability and long life of the boiler. The fire door is large enough to allow large pieces of heating to be fired. The boiler is well insulated with glass wool in a well-made tin plating of simple and practical installation, which is delivered especially with the boiler. Installation and commissioning of the boiler are easy and the connections are standard. Testing of each boiler for leakage is twofold and is performed on special devices and devices. The LAFAT boiler meets all European standards and production standards for district heating boilers.

An additional option for the solid fuel boiler kit is a fan that significantly improves combustion and boiler efficiency.
Combined solid fuel boilers of the new generation have additional thermal protection, which further protects and prolongs the life of the boiler.




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