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LAFAT KOMERC Ltd. was founded in 1977 in Zvornik, then under the name “Limarija Lović”, and has its current name since 1997, when production was restarted in Kalesija. For 40 years, Lafat Komerc has been engaged in sheet metal processing and processing, production of metal products, and today it is considered as the leading sheet metal processor in BiH and the region. Lafat Komerc  currently employs over 320 workers, with a total factory area of approximately 66,000 m2, of which about 17,000 m2 are storage and production facilities…

Environment protection

We combine the design skills with the highest energy-saving science.


Over 50,000 satisfied customers use our company’s products!

Price and quality

We pay great attention to quality control of our products. The best value for money for our products.

Experience and tradition

Business tradition and experience since 1977!

Retail facilities

Lafat Komerc Ltd. Kalesija owns four retail stores (Kalesija, Tuzla, Banjaluka and Lukavac) which offers our esteemed customers the best offer of central heating, water and electrical equipment. All the equipment is from reputable manufacturers, and certainly at the best prices.

In a difficult economic situation, when the quality and price of products is one of the most important things when buying, this outlet provides its customers with affordable prices. Promotional prices for products from both our own and reputable manufacturers are present throughout the year, and at the moment the action is, among other things, plate radiators and water pumps.

Our repairers

Lafat Komerc network of repairers

We have our own network of repairers throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can find a list of authorized repairers at the link below.

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Why choose Lafat Komerc

LAFAT has become a recognized brand in alternative heat sources and for a very short period of time distinguished it on the market as a quality and reliable product. LAFAT boilers are made up of 5-8 mm thick metals, depending on their strength and construction, and are cut with the latest laser method and eventually welded by top welders.

Successful projects
Satisfied customers
Quality guarantee

Comments from satisfied customers

I own two stoves from Lafat, they are super working and I am satisfied, All praise

Nermin SinanovicTuzla

I have been using the Lafat boiler for two years, there was no problem with any type of pellets. All the best!

Vilka HadzibegicTuzla