About us

LAFAT KOMERC was founded in 1977 in Zvornik, then under the name "Limarija Lović", and its present name has been bearing since 1997, when production in Kalesija was restarted.
For 40 years, Lafat Komerc has been engaged in the processing of sheet metal, the production of metal products, and today it is valid for the leading sheet metal processing company in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. Lafat Komerc currently employs over 320 workers, and the total area of the factory is about 66,000 m2, of which approximately 17,000 m2 are warehouse and production areas.

The company is divided into several organizational units, which are mutually independent:

  • Production of metal cabinets and flue systems, whereby Lafat Komerc is recognizable on the market, including heating cabinets, distribution boxes, hydrant cabinets, wardrobes, PTT cabinets, smoke pipes and knees, etc.
  • Production of alternative energy sources, ie pellet boilers and fireplaces, solid fuel boilers, under the LAFAT domestic brand, which is one of the most developed and important segments of the production unit of Lafat Komerc
  • Retail facilities for sale and distribution of own heating, electrical and water supply equipment. In addition to our products, goods from the world's leading manufacturers can also be found.

As we emphasized, the most important segment of production is the production of pellet boilers and pellet fireplaces, and solid fuel boilers LAFAT, of which about 60% of the total production is exported to the countries of the region, and in some countries our pellet boilers are subsidized by state agencies.

LAFAT has become a recognizable brand in alternative heat sources and has distinguished itself on the market as a high-quality and reliable product in a very short period of time. The LAFAT boilers are made up of 5 to 8 mm thick sheet metal, depending on the strength and construction, and are cut by the latest laser method and finally welded by top welders.

It should be noted that Lafat Komerc owns all certificates of manual welding of boilers, CE mark on product quality, and soon ISO standard which is in the final stage. All stages of production, as well as all parts of boilers are produced exclusively in our own production, so we can freely say that this is a 100% Bosnian product.

High 94% efficiency, automatic ignition, easy handling and cleaning, automatic heating and comfort during heating, quality service and support are just some of the characteristics of pellet boilers and pellet fireplaces of LAFAT. These are products that we are particularly proud of and which, apart from these qualities, are characterized by quality and durability, and as such they warm up homes throughout our country and region.

Heating models for heating residential buildings up to 6-100 kW are produced, as well as for heating facilities of large areas, that require power up to 500 kW.
LAFAT KOMERC in partnership with its international distributors, exports its products to the countries of the region, at the same time, it develops daily by expanding the market and by adopting new products and technologies, and as such grows into a quality and reliable producer and partner.